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The Poulenc Trio

Irina Kaplan Lande, piano | Liang Wang, oboe | Bryan Young, bassoon

  • Poulenc Trio Collaboration: Animating Trains of Thought

    What do thoughts look like? How do they sound? Trains of Thought: Animated is a new collaboration between The Poulenc Trio, composer Viet Cuong and animators Elizabeth and Alden Phelps. Three years in the making, this new work combines Cuong's kinetic score and the Phelps' stunningly beautiful stop-motion animation into [...]

  • New York Philharmonic Oboist Liang Wang Joins Poulenc Trio

    The Poulenc Trio announced the appointment of Liang Wang as oboist. Wang is currently the principal oboist of the New York Philharmonic. Wang’s appointment to the Trio is the result of a year-long search to replace founding oboist Vladimir Lande, who in 2015 was named music director of the Siberian [...]

  • Poulenc Trio Plans Season Premiere with David Shifrin

    The Poulenc Trio will kick off its 2016-17 season with a concert featuring legendary clarinetist David Shifrin. The concert, on September 18, 2016 in Newtown, CT, will also feature the Poulenc Trio’s newest permanent member, New York Philharmonic principal oboist Liang Wang. At the concert, Shifrin and the Trio will [...]

  • PRX Radio Broadcasts Poulenc Trio Live from Wolf Trap

    Public Radio Exchange (PRX) has added the Poulenc Trio’s recent live recording from Center Stage at Wolf Trap to its catalog of performances available to public radio and satellite radio stations for broadcast all across the United States.  The performance, recorded live from The Barns at Wolf Trap, features works [...]

  • Poulenc Trio Unleashes CREATION; New Recording on Delos

    The Poulenc Trio is set to release its latest recording, called CREATION on the Delos label. The new recording features works by Beethoven, Alfred Schnittke and Octavio Vazquez, and features a collaboration with Guggenheim-winning poet, Lia Purpura. The project was recorded by the multiple GRAMMY-winning producer, Dan Mercurio, and GRAMMY-winning [...]

The Poulenc Trio’s mission is to present thrilling and delightful performances, while expanding audiences for world-class live chamber music.  We achieve our goal by touring extensively throughout the U.S. and around the world, through constant teaching and outreach to young listeners, and through a strong commitment to commissioning, performing and recording new works from living composers.

The Poulenc Trio’s playing . . . had the audience dancing in the aisles. What a joyful experience. Our patrons are saying, ‘This concert was the best of the season thus far. Bring them back!’ The ‘buzz on the street’ is that the Poulenc Trio was simply fabulous!
Howard Chadwick, Nantucket Musical Arts Society
Anytime you have patrons coming to you and saying this was the best concert we’ve had in our 12 seasons, you know the evening was a success.
Tom Kirk, Hart (MI) Community Performing Arts Series
They were fantastic!! Such a musical performance. They were interactive, humorous. They presented a great varied program and their ensemble was so well balanced. Such delicate sounds from the oboe and bassoon, I’d never heard. Their interpretations were superb. We loved them.
Janet Moore, Utica (NY) Chamber Music Society
The Poulenc Trio were absolutely delightful! Their fine musicianship added to the sheer novelty of the instrumental combination and repertoire produced a fresh and enchanting experience for our audience. Subscribers wanted to know if they are going to appear again. Certainly we will want to engage them again in the future.
Gay Stanek, Chicago Chamber Music Society
I was delighted by the Poulenc Trio’s concert last weekend, and so were my board members and principal funders. I sat with the founding trustee, who was thrilled with the program, the ‘sensitivity’ of the performances, and with the simple fact that having a wind concert on an otherwise string-dominated season was ‘wonderfully refreshing.’

I also heard from some of our patrons that this was their favorite event of the season — and this about a series that this year also included the Eroica Trio, the great violinist Ida Kavafian, and our own Alexander String Quartet!

They are consummate professionals and outstanding musicians who play with beauty and elegance. They were a pleasure to work with, and I appreciated their participation in the pre-concert talk — a bonus for our audience.

Ron Caltabiano, Director, Morrison Artist Series, San Francisco State University
VERY Very positive reception. I was surprised at the degree of interest in hearing that kind of ensemble – people felt it was a refreshing change. The Previn piece is a knock-out, too. They played wonderfully.
Paul Nitsch, Queens University Friends of Music, Charlotte, NC
There has been unanimous acclaim from our subscribers re the Poulenc Trio’s presentation and musicianship. The trio, truly, was a wonderful opener for our present season.
Gloria Bruno, El Dorado Community Concert Association, Placerville, CA
Sure hope I can get them to return to Green Bay soon. The Poulenc Trio will always be one of my best ‘finds.’
Roger Bintz, Brown County (WI) Civic Music Association
Everyone (our biggest crowd) who attended the performance raved about Poulenc. They were great in the schools with the students and, as a result, several students came with their parents to the Friday evening performance. It was a great way to begin our season. I, and our board, have really enjoyed getting to know them. They are such nice and interesting people as well as being marvelous musicians.
Judy Baxter, Grand County (CO) Concert Association
The audience gave them prolonged warm applause . . . they were enjoyable and considerate house guests . . . Audience members told me their delight with the concert—program and musicianship. . . it created a rapport with the audience that they gave brief introductory remarks before each piece. . .
Ted Lorraine, San Jose Chamber Music Society
A wonderful performance!
Shelley Brown, Strathmore Hall, Washington, DC
The audience left with joy . . . Precision, humor and sophistication—what a delight for all!
Camie Sands, San Miguel de Allende Chamber Music Festival, Mexico