Mexico Tour – Day 1 Queretaro

We arrived on Aug 1 in the beautiful and historic city of Queretaro.  We last played here in the summer of 2008 at Queretaro’s very famous violin-making school and were looking forward to performing again.

While in town we strolled along the colorful cobblestone streets.  Most Mexican towns we’ve been to have wonderful town squares–the feeling is relaxed and there is always music in the air.  Today we got to sample a local delicacy–fried grasshoppers.  When wrapped in a tortilla and smothered in guacamole they were delicious!  The secret of course is not to look before biting.

At night we played a concert at the Autonomous University in Juriquilla.  We didn’t have a translator, so we tried translating our normal witty repartee ourselves, with mixed results!

Tomorrow we go to San Miguel for a week of teaching and playing.

Pictures here: