Poulenc Trio premieres new Italian Triple Concerto

The Poulenc Trio Premieres Panariello Triple Concerto with Bay Atlantic Symphony

The Trio performed the premiere of Gaetano Panariello’s Triple Concerto with Jed Gaylin and the Bay Atlantic Symphony Orchestra.  The Triple Concerto was the second of Panariello’s works written for the Trio – the first work had its premiere at the Ravello Festival in Italy in 2006.

Notes from the composer:

The 18th Century “Neapolitan School” in Italy created the opera buffa, a very popular form of farcical comic opera that used simple motifs and lively rhythmic structures.  When the Poulenc Trio asked me to compose a triple concerto for them, I immediately thought of paying tribute to the famous Neapolitan genre by using some of its typical features.  I have structured the concerto’s three movements as:

1. Introduzione e cavatina: The introduction to the first movement is a kind of little overture that presents the tunes that follow and, more importantly, establishes the concerto’s lively and playful atmosphere. The cavatina presents the bassoon as a “comic basso” (perhaps a resourceful servant? a gullible man?) who warms up his voice with a long vocalise before singing.

2. Introduzione e romanza: The romanza presents the pianist as a “young woman of a good family” who is daydreaming and waiting for her Prince Charming.

3. Introduzione e finale: The third movement presents an astute oboe (a cunning tenor) like a Neapolitan Pulcinella.  This oboe-Pulcinella  with its enthralling rhythms, dynamics and timbres “forces” the bassoon and the piano to adapt their themes to its own humorous style.

Live audio from the premiere:

Triple Concerto, Mvt. 1:
Triple Concerto, Mvt. 2: [audio:http://d1m7t5ibwrwk9v.cloudfront.net/panariello-poulenc-trio-2.mp3]
Triple Concerto, Mvt. 3: [audio:http://d1m7t5ibwrwk9v.cloudfront.net/panariello-poulenc-trio-3.mp3]