The Poulenc Trio Welcomes a New Concerto

After the success of their 2010 premiere of Jakov Jakoulov’s Yiddish Lexicon and the premiere of their first triple concerto by Gaetano Panariello, the Trio welcomes its latest commission:  A new triple concerto by Jakov Jakoulov. Now in the final stages of composition, the composer sends notes about the new work:

Il Giorno Vivente e la Notte Eterna…

For Oboe, Bassoon, Piano and symphony orchestra (2011)

The title of this piece was taken from the novel Venises written by French writer, essayist Paul Morand.

Il Giorno Vivente e la Notte Eterna… – (The lively Day and Eternal Night…) is a large-scale complex composition written for big symphony orchestra with three solo instruments – oboe, bassoon and piano. The piece is inspired by landscapes of the day and night life of Venice. The music material is built as a constant change of the instant juxtaposition of the sunlight’s reflection and darkness, explosions of massive sound of crowded streets and melancholic meditations of lonely voices. The piece is commissioned by and dedicated to Poulenc Trio.  Approximate length is 20 minutes. –Jakov Jakoulov