Stage Requirements

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The following is a sample of the stage requirements for the Poulenc Trio. Please contact Lisa Sapinkopf Artists for final details.

STAGE REQUIREMENTS: Standard concert set-up. Stage should be swept clean and cleared of all equipment, debris, etc., prior to the Trio’s arrival.

Number of people in touring company: 3
Number of people performing on stage: 3

Two (2) armless, straight backed chairs are required.
Two (2) Manhasset style music stands are required (must be adjustable).


If a choice of backdrops exists, an acoustic shell is preferred. In some instances, if an acoustic shell does not exist, a black traveler or backdrop would be the most appropriate. Please check with the the Trio upon initial contact. If a Grand curtain exists, the curtain should be “open” as the house is open.

NOTE: Please check with the Trio or the Trio’s representative before opening the “grand” curtain at show time.


One nine-foot (9’) Steinway concert grand piano is preferred, in excellent condition, to be tuned to “A-440” on the morning of performance and an adjustable piano bench. Any other “excellent” concert grand should be acceptable.

An experienced page turner is required.


The Trio will not provide audio equipment. the Trio will use “Venue” audio system, which should include appropriate and professional audio console, power amps, equalizers, speakers, and monitors for venue dimensions.

One speaking microphone (SM58 or equivalent) on a stand is required.

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: Good concert lighting is required. Usually a general color stage wash with overhead and “front of house” electric suffices.

A “special” for the speaking microphone used only when the the Trio is speaking if available.

A Master Electrician (lighting board operator) should be there to make sure the lighting focus suffices and to operate the show.


Number needed for Load-in: None
Load-out: None
How many hours prior to performance: 2 Hours

Poulenc Trio Stage Diagram



Auditorium and concert piano should be available for rehearsal for approximately two hours on the day of performance. the Trio or the Trio’s representative to contact presenter approximately two weeks prior to engagement and again approximately 48 hours before the Trio’s arrival to schedule rehearsal time, if necessary.


Two (2) private dressing rooms on the same floor and with easy access to the stage, furnished with chair, table, mirror, clothes rack with adequate hangers, and wastebasket. The dressing room should have access to a private bathroom (for the Trio only) with hot and cold running water, adequately supplied with fresh soap and clean towels, tissue and paper towels.


The Trio would greatly appreciate bottled water, and other various beverages and any assortments of small snacks such as a fruit, veggie or sandwich tray at approximately 1-1 1⁄2 hours before show time. Please verify this with the the Trio during the initial contact conversation. The Trio would appreciate hot tea and coffee.


The the Trio will be happy to attend receptions, however due to the rigorous tour schedule; sometimes the the Trio may not be available. Before attending a reception, the company may also need to complete their touring duties and equipment load-out. Please clear all receptions in advance with the representative of the tour upon initial contact. The the Trio will ALWAYS try to accommodate.


The the Trio may have merchandise for sale. If so, Presenter agrees to provide table(s) and volunteer(s) to sell merchandise before the concert, at intermission, and after the concert, if the Trio requests.